kamil madrasah teaching

Kamil Madrasah Teaching Education of Bangladesh

Kamil Madrasah teaching services are a vital sector of Bangladesh Madrasah Instruction Board. It has extended past for it Islamic education. We have reported that Bangladesh Madrasah Instruction Panel maintains the Dakhil, Alim, Fazil & Kamil level. Kamil and HSC level is the greatest noteworthy for the scholar of Kamil Madrasah of Bangladesh. There are many Madrasah in Bangladesh Kamil Madrasah has a great reputation. Many Kamil Madrasah students take par at Kamil exam per year. Bangladesh govt. controls that Madrasah education.

kamil madrasah teaching

Kamil Madrasah Teaching Background

It has historical past of Kamil Madrasah of its exposure. Believe me! Kamil Madrasahs were established by British Government in the year of 1780. We have knowledge that when British comes in India with the English language then we might not improve to English teaching for several reasons. At that time, Sir Sayed Ahamed came to the education. He tried to apprehend to the Muslim persons that the English language is not destruction for Muslims. Then the Muslim accepts his words and began to take the English language. At that time, Madrasah teaching was well-known in the subcontinent.

The Education System of Kamil Madrasah

There have many sectors of Madrasah board. Kamil Madrasah teaching structure is one of them. In 1978, Kamil department includes with humanities and Science sections. This part is like HSC level in General system.  The test of Kamil level held with common learning scheme. The Kamil test held under the same board.

At the last of this discussion, we have come to know that Kamil Madrasah teaching is the most significant for Muslim publics. In this organization, we can study not only worldlyawareness but also after demise. Here we can also learn Holy Quran, Hadis, Namaz and others Islamic knowledge. So we should maintain Kamil Madrasah teaching for Muslims. We need to remember that we will leave this world on the day.

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