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Education System ministry of bangladesh

The education system in Bangladesh has divided into three major sections such as primary, secondary and tertiary. These education systems are controlled by the Education Ministry of Bangladesh. We know that there is three-level education system of your country. The first level is the primary level where five to ten ages’ children go to primary school. This system is also called junior education. The second level is the secondary level where ten to sixteen ages students go to school. It also called high school level education. And the third level is the college level where sixteen plus students go to the college of university.

ministry of bangladesh

Technical, Vocational and Madrasah ministry of bangladesh in Bangladesh

Education System in Bangladesh has also divided three sections like Technical, Vocational, and Madrasah. These education systems are like general education system. We have come to know that these three types of education are also maintained by the Government of Education Ministry of Bangladesh.

Primary Education System of Bangladesh

The primary education system of Bangladesh is very important for everyone. Because this education system is going on to remove the illiterate people from this motherland. Trust me! There are thousands of poor students in our country who live below the poverty line. So if the 5-10 ages’ students go to primary school and improve their learning skill they can improve themselves.

Secondary Education System of Bangladesh

In these sections, ten plus students go to school and part take SSC examination. This level is very important for teenage students. This education system is controlled by the specific education board.

Colleges and University Education System of Bangladesh

In this section, sixteen plus students go to college or university for their higher education degree. This system is also controlled by the Ministry Education Board of Bangladesh.

At the end of this content, we can say that Education System of Bangladesh is an outstanding education system for the people of this country.

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