School Banking Award wins By Bangladesh

School Banking Award wins By Bangladesh

School Banking Award has been won by Bangladesh on 12 December in Dhaka for massive financial addition activities from Asia & the Pacific region. Bangladesh got the Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) Country reward 2015. That was mostly in the area of Bangladesh Bank’s mooted school banking.

By the central bank opened in 2010 school banking prize or award has appeared as one of the core apparatus of the financial addition programmers. Final year, from this section Singapore received the same award. This year for the award we could see two other nominated countries. These are India & Fiji.

Handed Over Through Of School Banking Award

The award has been basically handed over through Valerie Georgina Howarth. Baroness Howarth is involving Breckland, OBE (Order of the English Empire). Some sort of distinguished English political as well as associate of home involving Lords with the fourth Annual CYFI Prizes Ceremony. It kept by the House involving Lords with London on Thurs. This School Banking award received by Executive Director Md. Abdur Rahim of Bangladesh Bank (BB).

‘This is another milestone achievement for Bangladesh branding her as a role model for financial inclusion.’ – Bangladesh governor Dr Atiur Rahman. He also said that, ‘I see this award as a reaffirmation of our new approach of developmental central banking, significantly contributing towards ensuring a broad based, inclusive & poverty free society.’

Bangladesh Financial Institution Features

CYFI is a Europe based global network. They have 36 million children & youth across 125 countries & they are working for attractive the financial potentials of children & youth. In a press release issued on Friday, Bangladesh said that when the award conferring, Lady Howarth highly respected Bangladesh’s success. She said that the formal financial system with the momentous deposit size she embracing nearly one million school students. She also said that in spite of being a developing country & in financial addition Bangladesh is established. The current multi-stakeholder method associated with the Bangladesh Financial institution features manufactured the college bank developed a tremendous success.

School Banking System

By original deposits, now students can open bank accounts by 100 taka only without any charge or fee applicable on such accounts. A lot more than 9,00,000 like balances happen to be starting out thus far along with complete remains regarding around Tk seven hundred corer. In 2014, working street children have also been brought into the net of the formal financial system. All of the parents of the children can pay the school fees through mobile financial services now.

Previously by the Banker (a subsidiary of the Financial Times) & Euromoney magazine (a subsidiary of Euromoney), Bangladesh Bank’s groundbreaking inclusive financing programs earned national & global great compliments. In Asia, Dr. Atiur Rahman awarding by Best Central Bank Governor of the Year. The International Gusi Peace Prize also received from whom. For Bangladesh School Banking Award is very astonishing matter.

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