Education Structure of the Education System

Education Structure of the Education System

Education Structure of the Education System: In Bangladesh education has three mainly significant steps like primary, secondary & higher educations. In Primary education is a five – year cycle. At the same time as secondary education is a seven – year that has three sub-stages. Three years of junior secondary, two years of secondary & two years of higher secondary.

Let’s get Education System’s Education Structure

The accessibility, age group regarding primary is usually 6 years. These junior secondary & higher levels were created with regard to are created for ages11-13, 14-15 &16-17 years. Higher secondary is usually as well as scholar stage education and learning knowledge normally, technological engineering, company scientific studies & medical revenues needing5-6 years to get a Professionals degree.

Different Streams in Education

You can see higher secondary is gone after by college/university level education during the Pass/Honors Graduate Courses those four years. Your masters Degree will be of one year’s length of time intended for slots associated with Bachelors Diploma (Honors) along with 2 years length of time intended for slots associated with (Pass) Bachelors Diploma. In the technical area of Higher education also starts following higher secondary level. Throughout every one of the classes involving examine, except for professional medical education, some sort of 5- year course of examine is required for the 1st diploma.

Major Institutional Provision

General & Madrasha these two major institutional provisions provided by Primary level education that you can see in Education Structure. Though secondary education has three major streams like general, technical-vocational & madrasha.

Education Structure of the Education System

Basic regarding genuine & utilized science, martial arts disciplines small business & social madrasha & technological innovation, education & learning are 3 revenues offers of Higher education. Technology education within its convert involves agriculture, engineering, medical, textile, household leather & ICT. Madrasa has Arabic regarding instructional institution sensible parallel for the well-designed3 significant about three main levels get equivalent primary courses such as the overall mode primary, secondary & post-secondary although get added focus on religious studies.

In addition, a number of independent bodies have a share in the Education Structure. Such as –

University Grants Commission (UGC)

In the public & private universities, for supervision the University Grants Commission is dependable. It is portion of government grants to them.

National University

This is the public affiliating college or university responsible for educational command of all associated schools supplying courses with Graduate students degree Go, Honours as well as masters regarding doing Bachelors Amount as well as masters tests.

Education Boards

In conducting the public examinations such as Junior School Certificate, Secondary School Certificate & Higher Secondary Certificate level public examinations that are responsible by eight Boards of Intermediate & Secondary Education. The Boards are too dependable for the recognization of the Non-government & private sector educational institution.

Madrasha Education Board

For conducting public examinations, this Board is responsible for Dakhil, Junior Dakhil Certificate & Alim levels. For the recognization of the Non-government madrashas the Boards are also responsible.

Technical Education Board

In technical education, this Board is commended with the assignment of behavioring certificate & diploma examinations. For the recognization of the Non-government technical & vocational educational institutions the Boards are also answerable.

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