Community Based Medical College

Community-Based Medical College (CBMCB) Information and Admission Process

In Community Based Medical College information (CMCB), this is one of the well-recognized privet institutes of Mymensingh even Bangladesh. This medical college is duly recognized by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council and affiliated with Dhaka University. Moreover, the Government of Bangladesh, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, and WHO have endorsed the inclusion of this college Bangladesh in the World Directory of Medical Institution. Now, here we are going to show all about Community Based Medical College information with Community Based Medical College admission process.

Community Based Medical College

All about Community Based Medical College Information

CBMCB always try to provide quality teaching to make future doctors. So, they can be meritorious and professional all of their work. Let’s know more about Community Based Medical College information and Community Based Medical College admission process.

Campus of Community Based Medical Clinic (CBMCB)

In addition of Community Based medical Collage, CBMCB is established in 1995 as an academic enterprise of Community Health Foundation Bangladesh. It’s situated in Curkhai Mymensingh, on a panoramic 22 acres own land and own constructed four storied building. Over 1 lac square feet floor space; it provides all its academic and administrative facilities. In the campus, there are 1 three stored boy’s hotel which contain with 411 beds and one girls hostel which contain with 350 beds. Also, there is a dormitory which is used by the in-service trainee doctors.

Faculty of Community Based MedicalCollege

All the Faculty list of Community Based Medical College is given below.

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Pediatric
  • Pathology
  • Obstetrics- Gynecology

Community-Based Medical College admission Process

Like other medical colleges, this medical college also offers five years of MBBS course and one year of compulsory internship in the hospital of any other approved hospital. Community Based Medical College follows all the curriculum of Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council and Faculty of Medicine of Dhaka University.

All the candidates who want to apply to this college must submit their SSC and HSC or equivalent examination certificate, their national card’s copy and other necessary documents. Also, they have to attend an admission test in MCQ method. Students will select on the basis of their merits. Students, who are poor but meritorious, will provide some facilities during the college admission. Foreign students also can apply to get admission in here. Like other procedure, they have to verify their entire document by Embassy of Bangladesh of their own respective countries. The Academic year of CMCB starts in July to June each year. Also, this institution provides training program of nursing.

Contact Information

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