First symptoms of Coronavirus

First symptoms of Coronavirus | Consultant for ologists

We are going to know about first symptoms of Coronavirus,So let’s start at the beginning. Scientists are looking at whether one of these may have passed the virus onto a human. If you didn’t know it is a pangolin, our best guess is that the virus spread from a bat to one of these and then somehow to a human, it spreads from person to person so things like coughing, sneezing or having a cheeky snug. First cases were found in a Chinese city called Wu Han at the end of last year.

The World Health Organization called it a pandemic when the number of cases outside China started increasing quickly. So when we talk about coronavirus we’re actually talking about the disease, cobit 90, the big thing about it is that it’s new, so nobody has immunity to it yet, and it’s likely we won’t get a vaccine until next year, there’s no cure yet but scientists are working on treatments. On Christmas. I’m also the naked scientist and a consultant for ologists at the University of Cambridge. 

First symptoms of Coronavirus
Symptoms of Coronavirus

First symptoms of Coronavirus 2020

Okay, so what people need to account for is the first symptoms of Coronavirus. Can you tell us what they are?

Yeah. The majority of people get a fever, so high temperature. Some of them get a cough, but then as the disease develops both become more common. 

So about 88 to 90% of people by the end of this will have a fever, the vast majority will have a dry cough. And then there are some other symptoms about half of people have a sore throat and runny nose, and some people have things like diarrhea and vomiting. So quite difficult to tell because it’s pretty similar to the flu. Absolutely right it’s almost the same set of symptoms that you get with the whole gamut of infections that are going around at this time of year.

So if someone has coronavirus How long can I expect to be able for the occupation period is about five days?

And during that time you won’t know that you’re ill, obviously, but then the symptoms, generally, come on. As the symptoms Come on, they generally get more intense over about a three to five day period, about a fifth of people who catch this will have symptoms that go on for longer. And some people get symptoms that last longer and are more severe. Others less so if you’re ill for longer. It could be a couple of weeks before you’re feeling better. So the sad reality of this outbreak is that people are dying and that means real upset that we just can’t get away from, from the global data we have so far we think it’s serious for about one in five people who get it, and it kills about one in 100, who is most vulnerable to Coronavirus.

The people who are vulnerable to it and have an additional risk of people who are older. And what we know at the moment is anyone who actually is beyond the age of 40, you start to see your risk increase?

Anyone who has a pre existing health condition is also a higher risk and that means people who have heart problems, high blood pressure problems, diabetes, kidney disease and chest problems including people who have smoked a lot about one fifth of people we think so far have pretty bad experience with it. But how many people are sort of recovering and doing okay.

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