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  • Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute
    Polytechnic Institute

    Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute information

    The Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute is one of the high tech institutes in Bangladesh which is specialized in preparing students for the challenges of engineering and computing as they go ahead with their careers. The institute is placed on Rajshahi – Naogaon Hwy, Rajshahi 620. What makes the Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute stand out is the fact that this is a government sponsor diploma college and it can be found under the name RPI. Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute The institute is managed and also run but the BTEB, also known as the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. The organization was created in 1964 and since them thousands upon thousands of students attended here, many…

  • Sylhet Polytechnic Institute
    Polytechnic Institute

    Sylhet Polytechnic Institute and Admission Guide

    Sylhet Polytechnic Institute was established in the year 1955 . In our beautiful country this diploma college situated in Sylhet. All of the other Polytechnic institute it is also top ranked in Bangladesh. Sylhet Polytechnic Institute Bangladesh named in 1959 and providing the best engineer education in our country. Sylhet Polytechnic Institute information Bangladesh Technical Education Board operates this polytechnic institute.To building up quality engineering and mechanical education it has 20 acres of land. We know that there are few engineering universities in our country. Sylhet Polytechnic Institute have been playing a very important role to make more high skilled engineers and technicians in Bangladesh. All Polytechnic institute want to…

  • Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute
    Polytechnic Institute

    Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute information

    Dinajpur polytechnic institute was established in 1964 . This institute are controlled by BTEBB [Bangladesh Technical Education Board]. It is one of the biggest polytechnic institute in Bangladesh. People know that Dinajpur polytechnic institute a largest and a reputed Government educational institute one. Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute contact and Basic Information All of the district has a polytechnic and for this Dinajpur Balubari gain a technical institute . It is totally free from noise , pleasant environment and have numerous plants. 1st subject was Civil and Power Technology when it running in 1964. In four year later Mechanical Technology department Run by this college. There are also some subject which are…

  • Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute
    Polytechnic Institute

    Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute information and Admission Guide

    In 1985 Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute was established only two women`s technical education sector in Bangladesh. This technical Institute provide only females student. All polytechnic institute are managed by Dhaka board. Dhaka Mohila Diploma Polytechnic Institution also managed by Dhaka Board. This polytechnic institution has got reputation in the female education sector and got excellent in Bangladesh. After hardly contribution it has been received many awards over the years. Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic institute believes that it can be changed women power to develop our country. There are extra facility to research which you learn. Departments of Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute There are only 5 Subject in Dhaka mohila polytechnic institute…

  • School Banking Award wins By Bangladesh
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    School Banking Award wins By Bangladesh

    School Banking Award has been won by Bangladesh on 12 December in Dhaka for massive financial addition activities from Asia & the Pacific region. Bangladesh got the Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) Country reward 2015. That was mostly in the area of Bangladesh Bank’s mooted school banking. By the central bank opened in 2010 school banking prize or award has appeared as one of the core apparatus of the financial addition programmers. Final year, from this section Singapore received the same award. This year for the award we could see two other nominated countries. These are India & Fiji. Handed Over Through Of School Banking Award The award has…

  • Education Structure of the Education System
    Education Services

    Education Structure of the Education System

    Education Structure of the Education System: In Bangladesh education has three mainly significant steps like primary, secondary & higher educations. In Primary education is a five – year cycle. At the same time as secondary education is a seven – year that has three sub-stages. Three years of junior secondary, two years of secondary & two years of higher secondary. Let’s get Education System’s Education Structure The accessibility, age group regarding primary is usually 6 years. These junior secondary & higher levels were created with regard to are created for ages11-13, 14-15 &16-17 years. Higher secondary is usually as well as scholar stage education and learning knowledge normally, technological engineering,…

  • Education Management in Bangladesh
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    Education Management in Bangladesh

    Education Management in Bangladesh, Education System is being controlled & directed by two Ministries. These are Ministry of Education (MoE) & Ministry of Primary Mass Education. The attached Departments & Directorates as well as a number of independent bodies associated by these Divisions. Ministry of Education To include technical & madrasha education to place primary, secondary & higher education, this Ministry is anxious with policy formulation, monitoring, planning, evaluation, execution of plans & programs linked. For management & supervision of institutions under their individual control, the line directorates, viz… Directorate of Secondary & Higher Education & Directorate of Technical Education is answerable. Directorate of Secondary & Higher Education (DSHE) By…

  • Honours 1st Year Exam Result 2014
    NU Result 2019

    National University 1st year exam result season 2013-2014

    National University 1st year exam result 2014. When NU Honours 1st Year Result 2014 will be published by NU Authority then we inform you very soon.Many examinees are now waiting for NU Honours 1st Year Result 2014. National University 1st year exam result season 2013-2014 National University 1st year exam result season 2013-2014 . National University Honours 1st Year Result will publish soon. NU Honours 1st Year Exam Result 2014 will declare by NU official website at & for regular & irregular students. National University Honours 1st Year Result 2014 will available at too. Download NU 1st year result 2014 A lot of examinees were attend approximate…