How Do I Deactivate A Roku Device?

If you are looking to deactivate your Roku device and remove it from your account, the process is relatively simple. Deactivating a Roku device is useful if you want to sell it or give it to someone else, or if you are experiencing issues that require starting over with a fresh setup. To deactivate your Roku, go to the Roku website and log in to your account. Select the “My Account” option and then click on “Devices” to view a list of all the devices linked to your account. Find the device you want to deactivate and click on “Unlink” or “Remove.” This process will remove the device from your account and deactivate it.

How Do I Deactivate A Roku Device?

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Deactivating a Roku device is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. Follow the instructions below to successfully deactivate your Roku device:

1. First, locate the Roku remote control. Ensure that you have it within easy reach as you will need it during the deactivation process.

2. Turn on your TV and Roku device. Press the “Power” button on your Roku remote control to power on both the TV and the device. You will see the Roku home screen on your television.

3. Navigate to the settings. Use the arrow keys on your Roku remote control to navigate through the options on the home screen. Move the highlight to the left and select the “Settings” option.

4. Access the Account settings. Once you enter the settings menu, use the arrow keys to navigate to the “System” option. Press the right arrow key to access the sub-menu.

5. Find the “Advanced system settings” option. On the sub-menu, navigate down to the “Advanced system settings” option using the arrow keys. Select it by pressing the right arrow key.

6. Select “Factory reset.” Within the advanced system settings menu, you will see the “Factory reset” option. Highlight it and press the right arrow key to select it.

7. Confirm the reset. A confirmation screen will appear, asking you to confirm the reset. Read the message carefully and if you are sure you want to deactivate your Roku device, press the right arrow key to confirm the factory reset.

8. Wait for the reset to complete. Your Roku device will begin the reset process, which may take a few minutes. Wait patiently until the process is complete.

9. Set up your Roku device. Once the reset is complete, you will see the initial setup screen on your TV. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your Roku device as if it were new.

Congratulations! You have successfully deactivated your Roku device.


In conclusion, deactivating a Roku device can be done in a few simple steps. By following the instructions provided by Roku, users can log into their Roku account and navigate to the “My Account” page where they can find the option to deactivate their device. Deactivating a Roku device is useful for a variety of reasons, such as when upgrading to a new device or when selling or giving away the Roku to someone else. By deactivating the device, users can ensure that their personal information and streaming preferences are kept secure while allowing the new owner to set up the device as their own.