Delete number from OLX, you can follow these steps

If you no longer want your phone number associated with your OLX account, you may be wondering how to delete it for privacy reasons or to prevent receiving unwanted calls or messages. Fortunately, it’s relatively straightforward to remove your number from OLX. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that your contact information remains private and secure.

How to Delete Your Number from OLX

Looking to delete your number from OLX? Our step-by-step guideline will show you how to remove your phone number from your OLX account, ensuring privacy and reducing unwanted calls and messages. Check out our 200-word article for a detailed guide.

1. Log in to your OLX account using your credentials.
2. Access your account settings by clicking on your profile picture or name.
3. Look for the “Contact Information” or “Privacy Settings” section and click on it.
4. Locate your phone number and click on the “Edit” or “Change” option next to it.
5. Delete the current phone number and save the changes.
6. Confirm any prompts or verification steps as required.
7. Your phone number is now removed from your OLX account.


Removing your phone number from OLX is an essential step to protect your privacy and avoid unsolicited communications. By following our step-by-step guideline, you can easily delete your number from OLX, ensuring that your contact information remains confidential. Remember, maintaining control over your personal details is crucial in today’s digital age.