Can I Delete My Airbnb Account And Make A New One?

If you have been using Airbnb for a while and are considering starting fresh with a new account, you may be wondering if it is possible to delete your current Airbnb account and create a new one. Deleting an Airbnb account and starting anew can have various reasons, such as wanting to change your profile information, starting with a clean slate, or simply seeking a different username. However, it is important to note that Airbnb’s policies regarding account deletion have certain limitations. In this article, we will explore the possibility of deleting an Airbnb account and creating a new one, as well as any potential implications or restrictions that may be involved in the process.

Can I Delete My Airbnb Account And Make A New One?

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If you are considering deleting your Airbnb account and creating a new one, follow these step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process:

1. Open your web browser: Launch the web browser you typically use to access the internet, such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.

2. Go to Airbnb’s official website: Type “” into the address bar at the top of your web browser and press Enter. This will take you to Airbnb’s homepage.

3. Log in to your account: Look for the “Log In” button located at the top right corner of the page. Click on it and enter your email address or phone number and password to access your Airbnb account.

4. Navigate to the account settings: Once you are logged in, click on your profile picture or initials located at the top right corner of the page. In the drop-down menu, select “Account” to access your account settings.

5. Find the “Delete My Account” option: Scroll down the account settings page until you come across the “Cancel My Account” or “Delete My Account” button. It is usually located towards the bottom of the page.

6. Review the consequences of deleting your account: Airbnb will provide you with information about the consequences of deleting your account. It’s essential to understand that by deleting your account, you will permanently lose all your reviews, messages, bookings, and any other data associated with your account.

7. Make a decision: Take a moment to think about whether deleting your account is the best course of action for you. If you still want to proceed, continue with the next step.

8. Confirm your decision: Click on the “Delete My Account” button and follow any additional prompts or steps required to confirm the deletion. Airbnb may ask you to enter your password or provide further information to verify your identity.

9. Check your email: After confirming the account deletion, Airbnb will send you an email to your registered email address confirming the action. Make sure to check your inbox and any spam or junk folders.

10. Create a new Airbnb account: If you wish to create a new Airbnb account, go to Airbnb’s homepage again and click on the “Sign Up” button. Follow the prompts to create a new account using a different email address and password.

Note: It is crucial to remember that creating multiple accounts on Airbnb without a valid reason is against their terms of service. Make sure you have a legitimate reason for creating a new account to avoid any potential issues in the future.


In conclusion, while it is technically possible to delete your Airbnb account and create a new one, it is important to consider the potential consequences and limitations associated with this decision. Deleting an account means losing all previous booking history, reviews, and any remaining credits or rewards. Additionally, it may be challenging to create a new account using the same personal information or email address. Therefore, before making this decision, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the reasons for wanting a new account and consider alternative options or solutions that may address any concerns or issues.